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Main Sitara overview

  Originally titled NigarKhana ( studio), Main Sitara is set against the backdrop of the old Pakistani film industry, and follows the fortunes of  a set of  characters from the […]

Mann Mayal Episode 6 Review

Six episodes down and Mann Mayal is still riding high in the ratings. This is a classic love story where differences in class and wealth become almost insurmountable walls for […]

Gul E Rana episode 11 review

 I watch a lot of dramas, some good, some average and some so bad they make me laugh. It is rare that a drama leaves me so disaappointed but that […]

Romancing the screen

“Mujhe aap ki bahut parvah hai”   That phrase from the iconic Dhoop Kinarey had three generations of women swooning with the younger lot making mental notes on romance.  Tall, […]

Haissem Hussain’s New Movie

When Award-winning director Haissem Hussain and Producer Sadia jabbar announced they were making a film a few months back it generated a lot of excitement amongst the director’s legions of […]

Khalil ur Rehman Qammar Interview

 A throwback from the past  Renowned writer, actor and director Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has an enviable talent – the ability to speak volumes with one short sentence. Having written […]