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Category: Drama Reviews

Mann Mayal episode 2 review

This week’s episode of Mann Mayal was more intense but it didn’t hold my interest like last week. Although this episode was beautifully shot, each scene lit and picturized with […]

Mann Mayal episode 1 Review

Hum TV’s latest offering Mann Mayal has been introduced with a lot of fanfare and the kind of publicity that is usually reserved for Movies but is now the status […]

Gul E Rana episode 11 review

 I watch a lot of dramas, some good, some average and some so bad they make me laugh. It is rare that a drama leaves me so disaappointed but that […]

The Best of 2015 (Dawn Poll)

Results of DAWN NOMINATIONS 2015 (Jackson Heights Images used with permission from Asim Farooki  ( ) Pakistani dramas have always been an alliance between artistic and commercial interests but this year […]

Bashar Momin , an overview

  Khair aur shar ko milaya jai toh basher takhleeq hota hai ,insaan bayak waqt khair bhi hai aur shar bhi -Zanjabeel Asim Shah Last week marked the ending of […]


For anyone tired of the melodramas, middleclass saints, conniving women and faithless husbands that flood our screens, Goya is the ideal antidote. This intelligently scripted, fast paced, romantic thriller is […]


One of the strongest and perhaps most prevalent threads in the tapestry that is South Asian culture is the belief divine or karmic retribution. The subcontinent has little patience for […]

Sadqay Tumharay Episodes 1-6

So far Sadqay Tumharey has been a pleasant stroll down memory lane. If anyone has a yearning for a not so distant past , without mobile phones and computers , […]

Sadqay Tumharay Episodes 7-14

  Sadqay Tumharay is classic Friday night viewing; star crossed lovers caught in web of circumstances spinning out of their control. Written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qammar, fresh of the […]

Mera Naam Yusuf Hai (first look)

Mera Naam Yusuf Hai episode 1 (first look) Mera Naam Yusuf Hai is the latest offering from the famous pen of Khalil Ur Rahman Qammar, and A plus TV, a […]

Chup Raho

The title of this serial encapsulates in two simple words the essence of this drama. There is a sense of command and authority in this phrase, the kind of authority […]


  HUM TV’s latest drama Mol was the subject of intense speculation before a single scene was shot. In the heady days after the phenomenal success of Humsafar, rumors surfaced […]